So far, my Monday sucks!

I’m humming the words to Toni Braxton’s, I Wish, as I type this. Today, has not been a good day so far. Aside from the heartless bastard (as I refer to my soon to be ex-husband) telling me not to worry about paying the fee to file the divorce, because he’ll gladly pay it, I’ve just found out that the engagement ring he gave me is faker than Donald Trump’s toupee! I promise, you can’t make this stuff up. Because I have too much pride to ask anybody for help, and I need some cash A.S.A.P., I decided to take my ring to the pawn shop, seeing as how it means nothing to me anymore. ¬†Anybody who knows me knows that I am not the type of woman who frequents the pawn shop, so yes, I’m truly desperate right now.

Anyway, so I take the ring to the pawn shop, and I’m told, “Sorry, ma’am…it’s not real. It’s a really good fake, though.” I was already embarrassed enough to even have to go in there, and even more embarrassed as I walked out. I wasn’t even worth it to the heartless bastard to buy me a real freaking ring. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, seeing as how this is the same man¬† so-called man, who complained that the $22.00 (yes, $22.00) he spent on cupcakes and strawberries he bought me for Valentines Day was too expensive, and I would have to help pay for our 2 for $20.00 meal at Chili’s, since he’d spent so much. (He made sure he left the receipt on the cupcake box so I’d see it) I mean, since he made EVERYTHING about money, who cares that I’d already reserved our two seats at the couples painting class we went to that night ($35.00 apiece), as well as our movie tickets to see Fifty Shades Of Grey ($7.50 apiece) on my debit card. Him having to come up off that $22.00 bucks was just asking waaayyy too much, I guess. Writing this blog really is kind of therapeutic, because I’m seriously laughing right now.

Boy, I sure do know how to pick ’em. So, I’m not worth a real ring, I’m not worth cupcakes & strawberries that cost twenty-two bucks, and I’m broke until Friday. Oh well, at least I’m still alive, so I won’t complain too much. No matter how bad your situation is, there is always someone out there doing worse than you. With that being said, have a great Monday, and make it count for something.


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