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When Being Sexy For Your Husband Goes Wrong

blogpost1Any married couple knows that sometimes, you need to spice things up in the bedroom to keep things interesting. If you’ve been married for a while, your sex lives can become as dull as a butter knife. For women, there is often a lot of pressure to keep ourselves looking sexy- keep the hair done, the body tight, be a lady in the streets, and a freak in the sheets. As married women are often reminded- “What you won’t do, another whore in the streets, will.”

With that in mind, many married women choose to keep her hubby’s eye’s (and hands) off other women by sending him sexy photos of herself. We want to make sure he knows what he has at home waiting for him, hoping that he won’t stray. But, what happens to those photos in the event that the marriage doesn’t last? As I’m now going through a separation/divorce myself, I know that the same couples who vowed to love each other, til death separates them, on their wedding day, suddenly hate each other. Depending on the circumstances of what ended the marriage, husbands and wives suddenly become vindictive, spiteful, and just down right evil to each other. If cheating played a part, the scorned party is left feeling angry, betrayed, and resentful. And they want to hurt their spouse more than anything else. Women are usually on the receiving end of infidelity,although I am certainly well aware that women can and do cheat, as well. So, what if it’s the man who’s been cheated on? A scorned man…that’s a whole ‘nother situation in itself.

When the fragile male ego is bruised, even the most confident, carefree, seemingly happy-go-luckiest man can go from 0 to 10, in less than sixty seconds. The chick from Gone Girl has nothing on a man who’s been cheated on. Suddenly, the woman goes from being his queen, to the biggest slut on the planet. And God forbid she’s decided to be a lil’ freak and send him some provocative pictures of herself at some point during the marriage. That’s when the real trouble begins.

Young girls, and just teenagers in general, are constantly being told to watch how they portray themselves on social media, because it can come back to haunt them one day. But what about if you’re an adult, who was getting naked for the camera for your husband? Shouldn’t there be some kind of pass given, should the photos happen to be leaked since she took them for her man? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Once you’ve been portrayed in a negative way, most people aren’t interested in seeing you in any other way. Just ask Kim Kardashian. While she certainly didn’t make her infamous sex tape alone, she’s still being labeled a whore to this day, while Ray J. gets to come off as looking like some kind of pimp or player, because he sexed her on camera. Then either he, or she, or both of them, leaked the tape to the press. Even though Kim K. has moved on and gotten married, that sex tape still haunts her, lingering over her head like a dark storm cloud that just won’t dissipate. I am not a big fan of the Kardashian/Jenner clique, but I do hate the way the media drags her through the mud about the tape, while praising Ray J. Any time Ray J. gets in his feelings over her moving on to bigger and better things(okay, okay, yes Kanye is a douche, but he’s a rich one and certainly more famous than Ray J.) or he just wants some attention in general, here comes the mention, or some song, or video he’s come up with in reference to that sex tape he made with Kim. It’s like he wants to punish her for moving on with her life and leaving him behind, and any time he wants to rain on her parade, he makes mention of that tape.

Women, please keep this in mind, should you decide to let it all hang out for your hubby. Yes, in a perfect world, we would all get married, and stay married, and never have to worry about anybody’s eyes other than your husband’s seeing those photos. But these days, men have started acting real sensitive, and rather than take the high road should a marriage or relationship end, they use what was a special and private moment between the two of you to exploit, humiliate, and embarrass you by showing the photos, videos, or whatever to anybody whose interested. A real man would never set out to embarrass the woman he was married to, even if they divorce. The key words are real man. it seems those are becoming more and more extinct, so unless you don’t care about the world seeing your goodies all over the internet, think long and hard before sending those naked pics to your man. It can definitely come back to bite you in the ass, later.


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