relationships, Sex, Sexual soul ties

Think casual sex is temporary? Think again..


I remember seeing this on someone’s Facebook page, and sharing it to my author page several months back, and it’s been on my mind ever since. I read it over and over, and it’s eerie how true it is. Many women, especially single women, will hook up with guys…some random, some of whom we acutally date, and even marry. If and when the relationship ends, we think we can just move on and forget all about the guy who did’t make the cut. But are we truly free from them?

“LADIES be careful of the Men you let into your heart and enter your body. Sex is not only a physical exchange– it is also a spiritual exchange. Sex is powerful and a direct pathway into your temple. Some of you can’t get over that low life of a man because the demons he carries within him still torment you spiritually. You KNOW in your gut that even though he looks attractive…something about him ain’t right. Yet, something still keeps luring you to him. Your mind and body wrestles back and forth with spiritual principalities and “sexual soul ties.” Sexual soul ties BIND you to that man, men his type, and the dark spirits that follow him. Some women often wonder why the SAME type of dude always pursue them… Why they ATTRACT the same type of guy after they got rid of the scum bag that plagued their life.. Its that FAMILIAR Spirit he left with You !!! BE CAREFUL who you open yourself up to receive in your bed. — “If He ain’t Prayed Up, Don’t be Laid Up!” — Kaliburius S. Bigelow


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