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P.S.A. I’m Not Easily Broken


Hey, good people. T.G.I.F. (well, it is for me, because it’s my off-day) Anyway, this has been the week from hell, and I need the day to get myself together after all that’s happened. I may have mentioned in my last blogpost about finding out about my husband’s other woman..the one with all the chirren. Yeah, well, after I went to her job to tell her that I’d pack his things and she could come get him, if she wanted him- only to be told she wasn’t there (umm, hmm)- word got back to her, somehow. So, she takes to her Facebook page to “call me out” for not saying anything to her when she popped up at my job a day later. Like I said then, I wasn’t about to address the mistress over sleeping with my so-called husband, while I was on the clock, so yes, I swallowed my pride, prayed to God to allow me to keep this mouth shut, and I did my job.

This chick thinks she’s know the kind- sleeps with a married woman’s man, then gets balls of steel to talk ish once she’s confronted about it to her peanut gallery of homies on her FB page. I happened to come across her post yesterday, were she apparently thought that because I didn’t say anything to her when she came to my job, that I was scared of her. I had to quickly let her know, please don’t get it twisted. I’m learning and growing everyday…and learning that there is a time and a place for everything. Now, bad as she thinks she is, she extends the invitation to meet me- yes meet me- to confront me for confronting her for screwing my husband. I know this sounds like a juicy plot for a book (and it will go in the book that I write about my faux marriage) but no, my husband’s side-piece wanted to meet me- his wife- to talk about her screwing him…I can’t make this stuff up. I’m so not the woman who’s ever going to fight over any man, other than my son (I’ll go to jail over him) but I wanted to let Miss Thang know, you got me all kinds of messed up if you think I won’t approach you. So, I met her at a store up the street, only for her to adamantly deny that she’s slept with my husband (at least not since we’ve been married) and that “even though she doesn’t like me” (as if I give a DAMN)  “he’s just been a REALLY good friend of hers, and she’s respected me and not screwed him (again, not since I’ve been married to him).” 

Y’all, I swear the devil has been on my back all week, and after that little ‘meeting’ with the mistress, ex-mistress, or whatever she is, I really wanted to hurt someone. So, this makes the 8th woman I’ve had to had confrontation with over my husband in the 8 years that we were together…kind of like one woman per year. I politely told her, our divorce will be finalized next month, and she’s more than welcomed to him after that. Of course, “she doesn’t want him” now (umm hmm) Anyway, rather than react the way most women would have, I went to work a few hours later, clocked in, and did my job….in good spirits. I realize how much stronger I’m getting, day by day. You have to be strong to keep getting bricks thrown at you, yet you find a way to keep going. I absolutely refuse to let him, or his jump-offs, ex-jump-off’s, or anybody else break me down, no matter how hard they try…and they’re definitely trying it. 

I am not that woman who’s easily broken, anymore. I was a good girlfriend and wife to this fool, and I have nothing to hold my head down for, or to be ashamed of. And I won’t. God has blessed me too much to let this situation break me, after all that I’ve overcome. Whatever you’re going through in your life, know that you are being tested. I’ve said that over the last few seems like I’m being tested. And so far, I’m passing the test by keeping my sanity, and finding a way to rise above the drama. The devil is busy, people…don’t let him take up space in your life, because all he wants to do is destroy you, by any means necessary. Be smart enough and strong enough to say, “Not today, devil…not today.” God is still working on me, and it’s a process. It gets rough, sometimes; but I take things one day at a time, pray about it, and keep it moving. Whatever struggles you’re facing, I encourage you to do the same, even though I know it’s hard trying to be the bigger person, sometimes. It’ll all be worth it in the end. I hope you all have a great Friday, and an even better weekend. God Bless!  


1 thought on “P.S.A. I’m Not Easily Broken”

  1. I clicked on “related to” from someone else blog. Had no ty realized it was your story. I was sooooo into, mad as hell..So I read on like Damn this same shit happened to my friend….. scroll up and it’s Ur blogpost!!!! Lolllll


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