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Just Divorced



My official #JustDivorcedSelfie

Well, it’s finally over. We just left court, and the judge granted us a divorce, in spite of the fact that my ex didn’t have a valid reason for wanting to divorce me. When the judge asked what I did that was so bad, he couldn’t give him an answer, other than, “We argued a lot.” Judge says, “I can grant you a divorce based on that fact.” He had to suggest to him to say that it was somehow my fault, since he’s the one who filed the divorce papers. After that, judge granted the divorce. I know deep down that he wasn’t who I needed to be with; however, as I stood there, I realized that we were getting divorced for absolutely no real reason. The past couple of weeks, we’ve gotten along better, even had a long talk about what our problems and issues were, and he even said he understood where I was coming from on a lot of things. I guess in the end, though, even though he said he understood my concerns, he wasn’t willing to do anything to change the way I felt…to make me not always assume the worse. I wasn’t worth it for him to want to do better and make our marriage work. And if he wasn’t willing to make things work, I was clearly wasting my precious time.

Anyway, it’s done. I’m single again, and I really don’t feel sad about it. Yes, I’m a little worried about starting over again after being with him for eight years, but I’ve been on my own before, so I know I’ll be okay. I feel a sense of relief, like I can finally EXHALE. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m looking forward to better days. I’m going to enjoy my freedom for a while…definitely not interested in or looking for a man any time in the near future. I just want to ‘be’ for a while…be happy, be free from baggage and drama. And that’s just what I plan to do. Enjoy the rest of your day. Until next time…




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