The date I never went on…

(Sigh) that’s all I can do when I think about getting back into the dating scene. I’ve been busy the past few weeks (which is why I haven’t updated the blog) I’ve gotten a new job- thank God because the one I had was going to have me needing bail money. I have worked in customer service nearly all my life, but the older I get, the more I realize I don’t like people. Let me rephrase that- I don’t like rude, ignorant people. And it’s those kind of people I encountered daily. In my teens and twenties, I could take it with a grain of salt and not think much of it. But at 37, I’m a lot more outspoken and I have a tendency to call people out on their ignorance and bullshit. I’m just not here for it.

Anyway, about the reason for this post. So, I got asked out on a date by this male chauvinist. He’s always been a jerk, which is why I should have never agreed to a date with him in the first place. My problem is, I like to think that everyone has redeeming qualities…that young jerks don’t turn out to be old jerks. So, when this particular jerk asked me if I wanted to go out, against my better judgement, I said, “Sure.” We live two hours away from each other, so we’d agreed to meet at an in-between place. Mind you, he’s aware of the fact that I’m s single mom with two kids. A few days after we’d made plans, he suddenly  wanted me to make the entire two hour drive to meet him. Ummm, I think not. Why should I have to be the only one putting forth an effort to go on a date he suggested? What REAL man would want a woman to drive two hours (plus time to actually find where he is in a big city that I don’t live in…AT NIGHT) to meet him. I told him that wasn’t going to work for me, especially since I needed to be home by at least 11:30 to pick my son up from his basketball game. Now, I don’t know what kind of “date” he’d had in mind. I was thinking we were just having dinner, but when I told him it wouldn’t work for me to drive the entire way to him, he started complaining about how we wouldn’t have time to do anything, because the date would just be getting started good…at 11:30 p.m. Ummm, how long does it take to eat dinner? I’m not the kind of woman who likes to stay out late. I told him, “He’s on single-man time, but I’m on single-mom time. When all the fun gets started, is exactly when I prefer to be in the house.”

I could tell in his voice that he was trying to find a way to cancel this non-date, since I wasn’t willing to accommodate him and drive the entire way to meet him, nor did I have plans to stay out all night. So I said, “Well, maybe we should just cancel altogether.” The fact that he had the nerve to catch an attitude was comical. Like I said, what REAL man asks a woman out, then expects her to completely alter her life if she wants to spend time with him? Nah, he wasn’t that important to me. The date was over before it even started. (Shrugs) If this is what the dating scene is like- whiny men who expect women to bend over backwards if she expects to be in his presence, I’ll be single forever. Looks like I’d better stock up on cheesy romantic comedies and romance novels..that will probably be the only place I’ll meet a man with some substance. Next!


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