Thank God I didn’t get that tattoo..

I was just sitting here watching an episode of The Real, and during Girl Chat the ladies brought up the question: Couples tattoos- Yay or Nay? Actually, I think they said it’s a trend where instead of engagement rings/wedding bands, the couples get tat’s on their fingers. I remember several years ago, my now ex-husband and I were discussing getting tattoos. I’ve always been against getting your bf/gf, husband/wife, or significant other’s names permanently engraved on your body for the most obvious reason: What if y’all break up? Then you’re left with the name of a person you probably don’t like very much by the time the relationship/marriage ends, on your body forever. TRAGIC!! So, when we were discussing getting couples tattoos, I was adamant that I wasn’t going to get a man’s name tattooed on my body, except for my son’s name, which I do have tattooed on my arm, along with my daughter’s name.

My legal name is Joyce, but so is my ex-mother-in-law’s name. He could have always explained his away to people like, “Oh, why do I have Joyce tattooed on me? That’s my mama’s name.” I wouldn’t have been able to easily explain having Lan (his nickname) tatted on me, which was always the rationale I used with him. He assured me that he would make sure to get the tattoo so that everyone would know it was my name, and not his mom’s. Nope, I still wasn’t going out like that. We even discussed getting just our initials, but in the end, I couldn’t commit to that either. He was upset that I wouldn’t agree to one or the other. I won’t say I was anticipating getting a divorce, but these days most marriages just don’t last, and once I’m done with a man, the last thing I want is to have constant reminders of him thrown in my face, let alone having to look at his name on my body everyday.

I left the subject alone, because as far as I was concerned, that conversation was over. If me marrying him after all the bull**** he took me through before we got married didn’t prove my love & loyalty, nothing would. I don’t know if he was trying to pressure me into getting his name tatted on me, or maybe he thought that if he got mine tattooed on him, I would go ahead and get his name in ink on my skin, but months later, he walked in the house one day with my name and our wedding date tattooed from his elbow to his wrist. He said ‘one of his Mexican homies did it for him’ (another reason why I was like, HELL NAH!) I don’t do bootleg tattoos. It showed that whoever the ‘Mexican homie’ was, he wasn’t very professional. It’s not even written straight. When I got my tat’s I went to an actual tattoo shop. I can’t just be letting any old body stick needles in my skin. I don’t know if that was supposed to make me run out and get his name on me, but I still didn’t. And I’m so glad I didn’t because now, we’re divorced and he’s stuck with my name and our wedding date badly engraved across his forearm.

Yes, it’s a very romantic notion, but so is getting married and living happily ever after with the man of your dreams. But sometime, things just don’t work out the way we plan. And if, unfortunately the marriage or relationship ends, then you’re stuck with that person’s name on your skin as a permanent reminder of a bad decision..and who wants to constantly be reminded of our bad decisions? Just don’t do it. Find another less-permanent way to express your undying love for the love of your life. Dedicate him/her a song on the radio, get matching t-shirts made, take hundreds of selfies together (those can all be disposed of) but don’t do the tat’s. And don’t just take my word for it, Hollywood celebs have found this out the hard way. Poor Adrian had to relive getting Rob Kardashian’s name tattooed on her bottom, and she said she’s still going through the process to have it removed. She stated, “I don’t look at my bottom, so I forget about it.” Leave it to Loni to say, “Yeah, but if someone else is back there, he’ll see it.” LOL. TRAGIC!!! Amber Rose went out on got Wiz Khalifa’s entire face tatted on her arm, then had it covered after 14 months of marriage. And nobody can forget the infamous Mariah Carey tattoo Nick Cannon had on him. Now it’s a winged Jesus..or something.


The bottom line, just say no to couples tattoos!




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