Am I supposed to throw away the wedding photos now that I’m divorced or what?

I have taken all the wedding photos of me and my ex-husband down off the walls and anywhere else I had them placed around the living room, so that I don’t have to look at them everyday; however, I haven’t thrown the entire wedding album away yet. Am I supposed to? Do I keep them? What exactly do people do with all the wedding stuff once the marriage ends? A part of me wants to have a bonfire and toss them into the flames, along with my wedding gown, the little scrap book that I put together, and anything else that reminds me of him or that day, while sipping on a glass of wine; yet another part of me hates to throw away $425.00 worth of wedding photos. Like, for the amount of money that I spent on them, I can’t bring myself to toss them in the trash, even though I don’t want reminders of my faux marriage in my face every time I turn around.

Just the other day, my mom said, “You know, I never got any of your wedding photos…I saw them, but you never gave me any.” I really thought I had given her some pics, but since that the marriage is over, it’s kind of late to give them to her now, I would think. Anyway, I know my mama, she’s a serious picture hoarder and every photo she gets goes up on her wall in her living room. Seriously, it’s like picture collages on all four walls. Photos everywhere. Some of them aren’t even framed, they’re just stuck up on the wall with thumb tacks and whatever else she can hang them up there with. The last thing I want is to go over to her house and be forced to look at my ex-husband smiling back at me. If I wanted to be reminded of him, I wouldn’t have snatched the pics down off the wall at my house before the ink dried good on our divorce decree.

Maybe I’ll keep them..as a reminder to never, ever, ever, ever, ever get married again. Getting married is one mistake that I pray I never make again..like, ever in life. I’m sure that with the right person, marriage can be great…but the way my dating history is set up, it doesn’t seem that it would be wise to walk down the aisle again. I’m not trying to end up like my auntie, who’s currently looking for her sixth (or maybe it’s the seventh…I’ve lost count) husband. Maybe I’ll ask her what she did with her wedding stuff after each marriage ended…that should be an interesting story.





1 thought on “Am I supposed to throw away the wedding photos now that I’m divorced or what?”

  1. Such beautiful pictures! Well, for me, after my first divorce from the wife beater, I cut him off of all the photos, but kept mine. Even the wedding ones.
    With this husband, since I moved out of the house, I don’t have any photos of “us” displayed. But I didn’t tear them or throw them away. I just keep them in the garage. And the only reason for that, is to have something to show the kids when they grow up. I feel I owe it to them in some ways…


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