I’m slowly morphing into my mother

It’s official: I’m slowly turning into my grandmother who raised mmamasfrom birth, so she’s mom to me. As a single mom, sometimes we have to cut corners as far as bills are concerned…so we can keep our heads above water. So, I had to make the decision to let DirecTv go. I’ve been with them since 2010, but those $120.00 bills each month were hell on my pocketbook. When I really think about it, most of what’s on tv these days are re-runs, except for a few prime time shows that I half-ass watch, like Scandal. I realized that I could get a Hulu account for about $8.00/month and I can still watch my prime time shows, and as for the reruns, those are available as well. The kids barely pay attention to the tv anyway..they’re usually engrossed in their cell phones, tablets, and other gadgets. It just made sense to save myself $120.00 every month. I also have my dvd collection, and while I was in Walmart yesterday, I came across Mama’s Family. I’m almost embarrassed to admit how excited I was when I saw it at the last minute- both because the fact that I even remember this show, shows how old I am, and because coming across 80’s tv shows on dvd was the highlight of my day. I really am in dire need of a social life, but the way my curl-up-on-the-couch-and-watch-tv game is set up, it doesn’t appear that I’ll get one anytime soon.

I’m literally cringing at the pink fridge and those clothes, although Naomi’s leggings and high heels getup isn’t too out of date…some women still wear that today. But, the show is funny, and I’m reliving my childhood while watching. My daughter even watched with me and laughed out loud a few times. I’ve already gotten her hooked on the 227 dvd I found, now this. At least she can experience good tv, because what’s on cable now isn’t worth the money.   


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