Talenti- Heaven On Earth

With the exception of a book, there aren’t very many times that I splurge on myself, especially on something that costs over $5.00. But, the other day I was in Walmart, (unfortunately) looking for somtalething to snack on. I rarely eat ice cream, but I was drawn to the gelato section. I’ve actually tried another flavor of Talenti, and I wasn’t crazy about it, so I was hesitant to spend almost $5.00 on a different flavor. But, the words butter pecan kept enticing me, and I figured that since this is my favor flavor of ice cream in the world, the gelato can’t be bad.

I had to make myself stop eating this once I was nearly half-way done. It’s so delicious, that I took my time and savored each spoonful that I put into my mouth. I don’t know if it’s supposed to have fewer calories or whatever than regular ice cream, but I am in love. I’ve heard of better-than-sex cake; well this ice cream made me feel better than sex ever did. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but it is really delicious.


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