The Monday from Hell!

Good evening, good people. I guess, since it’s nearly 10:00 p.m. here, I should say, good night. I am so glad this day is over. It started all bad, from me waking up for some unknown reason at 4 a.m., to getting a call from the bank that my car payment was late, after I was assured by the sleazy car salesman who sold me the car that my payment wouldn’t be due until April. Pissed off doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings, especially since I had the money saved for the payment, but after being told it wouldn’t be due until April, I spent it. So, I had to do a payment over the phone by check..ugh. I didn’t mean to go off on the customer service rep who had the unfortunate pleasure of taking my phone call, but it’s too late to take back my words now. Add to that, I’m dealing with a 17 year old son who’s having girl problems..which means he’s walking around the house, mad at the world, because they broke up…again. It is so hard trying not to say exactly what I feel, but I was a teenager once, and my grandmother didn’t like my boyfriend at the time (ironically, my son’s sperm donor) and we stayed falling out with each other because of him. Sure, I know now that mother knows best (sometimes) and she may have been trying to protect me, but at 18, I thought she was trying to control me…so of course I went against everything she said. I’m trying not to make those same mistakes with my son, and push him away, so I choose my words wisely, because I don’t want to push him away. Those teenage emotions are so fragile.

On a better note, I did get a call that an apartment has become available, if I still want it. Umm, yeah…living with my ex-husband isn’t my cup of tea. So now, I have to factor in trying to move, in addition to everything else that’s going on. Now, I have to get used to everything being on me again (bills, rent, car payments, kids, food) I’m stressed just thinking about it. I, for one, am glad this day is about over. All I want to do is drink what little wine if left in the bottle in the fridge, and go to sleep. Tomorrow has to be better. Hope you all have a good night.


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