I’m Outta There

I am so excited about moving into my new apartment. Finally, I can have my own space, free from the clutter, stinky work boots, store receipts with loose change wrapped in them that were left all over my bedroom, socks that smell like corn chips, and just overall messiness that I had to put up with while living with my ex-husband. Oh, and I can’t forget the bread crumbs and other mess that he left all over the kitchen counter when he cooked. Ugh! Seriously, he acts like he doesn’t know how to clean up after himself. I think he got being a wife confused with being his maid. I’m not O.C.D, but I don’t like clutter and I like things neat and tidy, and that was hard to achieve living with him.

My new apartment is in a nice area, and is like two minutes from town and the school. Where we were living was on the outskirts of town, which made it aggravating to run back and forth to the high school every time my son needed or forgot something, which was like every other day. I can’t wait to start decorating. I am loving the bathroom, the gray marble and the tile on the floor…I can’t wait to soak in this tub with a glass of wine and soft music in the background.




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