My Teenager Hates Me

I have always been adamant about smoking. I hate it. I hate the smell of cigarettes. I seriously get angry if someone blows their smoke anywhere near me. My grandfather, who raised me from a child, died from lung cancer due to years of smoking, and that scared me into never wanting to pick up a Virginia Slim, no matter how glamorous Carrie Bradshaw made smoking look on Sex And The City. However, this parenting thing is about to drive a sister to smoking. Some things have happened over the last few days that have me needing a Newport, Cigarillo, or something. Why y’all didn’t tell me this parenting thing was so damn hard?

So, as the title of this post said, my 17 year old son hates me, apparently. What else is new, huh? If your teenager doesn’t tell you they hate you at least once, you’re doing something wrong. Lately, we argue about everything, mainly his girlfriend, who I’m not too fond of. Unfortunately, he thinks he’s so in love with her, and anything I say sets him off. Not to mention, whenever she’s over to the house, he wants to show off and act like a tough guy in front of her, mouthing off at me and he even had the audacity to walk out the door while I was talking to him. See, in my day, walking away from your mother while she was speaking to you, earned you a slap across the face. And don’t even think about talking back…you’ll be having nightmares about that ass whipping for years. Kids these days though are cut from a different cloth. They not only think they can talk back, they get bold enough to yell at you, like my son did to me. I literally had to take a deep breath and woosah, to keep from going to jail (because these days you can’t whup your kids or DHS will be knocking on your door) He cussed me out via texts after he said I disrespected him. Hold up, wait a damn minute. I’m the parent…the H.B.I.C. up in this camp…I don’t have to give him my respect. I was seriously two seconds away from telling a t.v. reporter from Dateline or 20/20 my story of how I ended up in prison. Now, he can’t wait until he’s 18, so he can move out (and in with the gf) and he has no respect for me (his words) blah, blah, blah. He even packed his things and left, supposedly to a friends house. Yeah, I did that too when I was a teen. I was gone all of one week before I was back at home, but I digress.

My son is normally a good kid, so I could only assume that his sudden change in attitude has to be attributed to the jezebel that’s captured his heart. It’s just like when I was dating his sperm donor- my mother hated him too, and the more she tried to keep me from him, the more she pushed me closer to him. In the end, I realized that mother did know best…I just had to figure it out the hard way. I guess this is the same things that’s happening with my son. I don’t want to see him hurt, but I’ll have to let it play out and let him figure it out for himself. I’m sure that before it’s all over and done with, he’ll tell me he hates me a few more times, and I won’t care, as long as he realizes that he will respect me in my house. and after he gets grown enough to move out, I’ll get to go through this all over again with my daughter. Just the thought of it makes my head hurt, because everybody knows girls are twice as hard to deal with as boys. I need a drink. It’s gotta be five o’clock somewhere.



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