Angela Bassett Moment


So, I’m sitting here sipping on a Daily’s Frozen Bahama Mama (in honor of Thirsty Thursday) and watching Waiting To Exhale (in honor of Throwback Thursday) and I’m watching Angela Bassett’s (Bernadine’s) iconic moment in the movie where she pulls all of her husbands thing’s from the closet while ranting out loud to herself about the number of times they made love- among other things- then sets his clothes on fire. What is it about this movie that puts single women all in our feelings? I had the opportunity to have a similar moment last week when I went over to my ex-husband’s house to get the rest of my things and saw all the new furniture he decided to buy AFTER we got divorced. He didn’t deem it necessary to upgrade the bed we slept in, which was so old and lumpy, we felt the springs from the mattress in our backs. Nor did he find it necessary to buy another couch, because our old one had rips in the cushions. Oh, but now that I’ve moved out, he decides to upgrade- brand new bed, matresses, living room furniture..the whole freakin’ enchilada. Mad as I was, I simply got what was mine and left. I think that means I’m making progress or something. I could have had a moment of temporary insanity and messed up his stuff, but why give him the satisfaction. Jailhouse orange isn’t my color anyway. But, as I sit here sipping my drink, getting slightly tipsy, I imagine how I would have done it had I decided to go all Bernadine on his crib. I probably would have been crying while Not Gonna Cry by Mary J. Blige played in the background. I’m super clumsy, so more than likely, I would have injured myself in the process of destroying his  things, which would have made me cry some more. Then, I would have felt bad, because I’m not the vengeful type of woman and cried some more over the fact that I stooped to his level and acted so foolishly. Oh well, the scene in the movie has changed and I’m over it now….until the next time I watch this and I have those thoughts again. Anyway, I’m not a drinker and this fruity cocktail has me seeing double, so I guess I’m signing off. Ciao!


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