Damn you, Taylor Swift

Yesterday, I was at work and since it was a slow day, I decided to listen to the music I have on mp3 on my phone to make the time go by quicker. I am an avid music lover, and will listen to just about anything, and I often forget some of the songs I’ve downloaded over time. So, I was doing good, until Back To December by Taylor Swift came on. It is so crazy how one song can immediately put you all up in your feelings. I used to like Taylor, back when she sang country music. I’m not really feeling this new Taylor, but whatever. Anyway, I haven’t missed- or even thought about missing- my ex husband for a while, but something about the lyrics to this song had me reminiscing about our good times, and we did have a lot of them. I stayed strong, though. (Note to self: delete that song ASAP and replace with music from Beyonce’s Lemonade)

It’s perfectly normal to think about your ex after a divorce, but the important thing to remember is that you got divorced for a reason. Unless you jump right back into the dating pool after your divorce, you’re probably going to be alone for a while, and all sorts of thoughts will pop up in your head. But never let loneliness drive you back into the arms of someone who didn’t love and appreciate you the way you deserve.


Nine times out of ten, unless there have been some major changes in how you two communicate with each other, you’ll pick right back up where you left off. It may be all good for a little while, but your old problems will eventually resurface. Then again, I’ve heard of some couples who married, divorced, and got married again, so it might just work out. As for me, I’m good. Like time, I move forward, not backwards.



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