Divorce Party Song List

Divorce parties have really become a huge trend. Women are no longer moping around, thinking our lives are over, simply because our marriage didn’t last. I’m one of these women, and I am planning a little get-together to celebrate me finally getting out of my unhappy marriage. I don’t hate my ex…far from it. I wish him all the best in life, but that chapter of my life is over. We have parties to celebrate when we’re getting married, so why not have one to celebrate getting…un-married? So, these are a few songs I’ll definitely be adding to the list.

1.Not Gone Cry- Mary J. Blige (You can’t even think about ending a relationship without at least one Mary J. song)

2.Irreplaceable- Beyonce (You must not know ’bout me…)

3.Tyrone- Erykah Badu (I think you’d better call Tyrone…and tell him come on, help you get your SHIT…YES Erykah!!!!)

4.Bust Your Windows- Jazmine Sullivan (Hey, it be like that sometimes.)

5.He Wasn’t Man Enough- Toni Braxton (Enough said)

6.Blame It On Me- Chrisette Michele (I’ll take the blame…as long as it’s over)

7.Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood (Because men need to be reminded that we can and will get a little crazy and eff up stuff sometimes)

8.Down To My Last Teardrop- Tanya Tucker (Okay, I went all the way back country…but my grandpa was a truck driver and loved country music, and I still remember him listening to this song…so much so that I used to walk around singing it all the time)

9.Ghettout & Foolin’ Around- Changing Faces (Back in the 90’s I really didn’t understand…but I get it now)

10. Hit ‘Em Up Style- Blu Cantrell 

11. Me, Myself, And I- Beyonce

12.Forget (F*ck You)- Ceelo Green

13.Hello, Love- T.Rone (My sentiments, exactly..)

14.I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor (A classic song that must be on every woman’s breakup song list)

15.When A Woman’s Heart- Sparkle (You took that trick to Tiffany’s…)

16.It Must Have Been Love- Roxette (In case you start to get sentimental for a moment)

17.Side Effects & Shake It Off – Mariah Carey

18.Caught Out There- Kelis (I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!)

19.Exhale (Shoop, Shoop) ) Whitney Houston (Waiting to Exhale..)

20. Ladies Night- Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, Da Brat, Left Eye (Because this is a party, dammit..and we’re not going to sit around singing sad love songs)




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