It’s not you..it’s him


This one statement gave me so much life. I have never been hard to please. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth, expecting for a man to give me diamonds, riches and expensive gifts. No, all I ever wanted was for my man to love me, to give me his time and attention, to make me feel wanted, needed..special. To be ‘the one’ for him. I was never too demanding in my marriage. I didn’t need diamond necklaces, nor did I constantly have my hand out- demanding money for hair, nails, and clothes. I’ve been a single mom…I know how to struggle and go without sometimes and focus on what’s important. You’ll never find name brand clothing labels in my closet or Louboutin’s on my feet…that’s money wasted.

What I did ask for was honesty, respect, and to be treated the way you would want to be treated. Obviously, this was asking for too much, because every man that I’ve ever allowed into my life has failed to give me these simple things. Now I realize that I wasn’t asking for too much..it’s them who couldn’t deliver. The fault is not mine.


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