Since when does being single mean you’re gay?

I can remember this guy trying to flirt with me this one time. He wasn’t my type and he was irritating me more than anything else, but I was trying to hold my tongue and politely ignore him. At some point, I remember him asking me if I had a man, and I said no. the next thing out of his mouth was, “Oh…so you must be gay?” Sigh. Since when does being single and/or not interested in a man, automatically mean you play for the other team? Obviously, it soothed his bruised male ego to ASSume that because I wasn’t taking the bait and falling for his lame ass pick-up lines, that it must mean I like women…as if it isn’t fathomable that I simply didn’t find him interesting or attractive.



4 thoughts on “Since when does being single mean you’re gay?”

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. It’s not so much being single that makes you gay, it’s not being attracted to douche-nuggets with fragile egos that makes you gay.

    And if you haven’t already found out the hard way, telling one of those types that you are gay just to make him go away is a big mistake and almost always backfires. But it would make for good blog material … “Since When Does Being A Lesbian Mean It’s Okay For A Complete Stranger To Interrogate You About Your Sex Life?”


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