I’ve been writing, just not on my blog

I know I’ve been absent from the blog for a minute, but the life of a single mom can get pretty hectic and busy. I have been writing, just not on the blog. I’m excited that Book 2 of my series, The Divorce Chronicles is almost finished. I have like one last chapter, then to get it edited and published. I didn’t exactly plan for the series to be a comedy, but several reviewers said Book 1 was hee-larious, so if you haven’t read it, head over to Amazon and get your copy before Book 2 is released by the end of the month. As with the 1st installment, I also designed the cover to Book 2 myself, and I am so happy with the compliments that I’ve gotten. Check out the cover below.


divorce 2

Also, just to clear up a little confusion, yes, The Divorce Chronicles series was INSPIRED by my own experiences with my divorce, but this series is fiction. Everything you read didn’t happen to me, personally. I’m a writer with an over-active imagination, so I know that it can seem like you’re reading real life, but only about a fourth of what’s in this series are my experiences..and I’m glad because I’d probably be in prison if  I went through the things these women go through in this series.


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