My Top 5 movies about divorce/breaking up

1. Waiting To Exhale- Because of course it would be numero uno on this list. Angela Bassett (Bernadine) going bat-shit crazy while yanking all of her husband’s clothes off the hangers and dragging all of his things to the garage while talking to herself, then setting it all on fire and walking away like a boss after he announced that he was leaving her for a white woman will remain a classic.


2. Tyler Perry’s Diary Of A Mad Black Woman– Charles was just a rude S.O.B. He waited until the nights of his twentieth anniversary to his wife, Helen, to tell her he despised everything about her. And to prove it, he had the maid pack up all of her things and put everything in the U-Haul truck he’d arranged to come and pick Helen and her clothes up. He strolls in with his mistress in tow, and tells Helen it’s over and when she refused to walk away quietly, he dragged her through their mansion, threw her out on her ass on the front porch, and slammed the door. Helen finds herself at Madea’s house, who convinces her that she needs to go back home and get everything that she rightfully deserves, which lands them in jail. Charles is into some dirty business and when he gets shot and nearly killed, his side-chick runs off with all of his money and Helen is left to nurse him back to health. At first, she made me proud by the way she tortured him, but then she had a come to Jesus moment, went soft, and felt sorry for him. Ugh! It was good up until that point though.

3. Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?– Basically, four married couples arrange to spend a weekend at a lodge, but they are all keeping secrets. Marcus has an STD that he thinks he got from another woman. But it’s Sheila’s husband, Mike who takes the cake, boldly bringing his side-chick (who’s also a good friend of Sheila’s)along with him him on the trip. Mike is such a douche bag that when the flight attendant embarrassed Sheila by telling her that because of her weight, she would have to purchase two seats on the plane, he gave her money and told her to rent a car and drive to the lodge..alone, while he and the mistress went on the place. During dinner once all the friends are together and Sheila finally manages to drive up the mountain without killing herself, Marcus’ wife, Angela (who hates Mike’s guts and suspects he’s cheating on her bestie Sheila) let’s it slip out that Mike is cheating on her, which in turn leads to everybody’s skeleton’s tumbling out of the closet at the dinner table. I just wanted to jump through the tv and give Sheila- who was completely hurt and blind-sided by the revelation- a high-five when she picked up the wine bottle and hit Mike over the head with it. Later she says, “I should have killed him.”


4. What’s Love Got To Do With It? Yes, this is a biopic about Ike & Tina Turner’s music, relationship, and troubled marriage, and while most of it is hard for me to watch because of the violent abusive scenes, one of my favorite moments (besides the one when she finally fights back in the back of the limo) is when they’re in court getting the divorce, and Ike is just being as ass and Tina pridefully tells the judge that she doesn’t want anything from him- the house, cars, or money and that, “All she wants is her name.” YES, Tina! Most scorned/abused women will try to take every penny a man has during the divorce, but Tina was basically like, ‘Keep your money…I don’t need it or you.’ It was at that moment that Ike knew- or should have known- that she was over him and he’d lost her.


5. Enough. I know J. Lo isn’t the greatest actress, but the story line was a good one- her husband deceivingly swept her off her feet, rescued her from her crappy waitressing job and gave her the good life, complete with the house with the white picket fence, the kid, and the dog…only it’s all a facade. He’s really psychotic as hell, has affairs and doesn’t care if she knows, and beats her on the regular. When she had had enough and attempts to leave, he makes her life hell. It’s a game of cat and mouse and thankfully, the mouse wins in the end. Any movie where a woman beats her abusive man’s ass is alright with me.





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