Bad Mom/Me Time

After sitting at home on yet another Saturday night, watching psycho chicks try to kill other women all in the name of love on Lifetime, I decided I needed a night out…even if I had to go somewhere by myself. I made up my mind last night that I was going to go see Bad Moms at the movies, because I was long overdue to put on some real clothes and get out of the house for some activity that didn’t involve lying on my couch. Of course, when I woke up this morning, I laid in my bed for a while, trying to come up with good enough excuses to NOT go to the movies: (1) it costs too much, (2) the closest movie theater is forty-five miles away (but so is everything else we like to do for fun),(3) how will I possibly get out of the house without my daughter wanting to come. After going back and forth, I said screw it; I got dressed (luckily my daughter was still sound asleep and my 17 year old son was home) and I sneaked out of the house for a little mommy me time.

With the windows down and my music bumping, I enjoyed the drive to the movies, I stopped at a gas station and got two pieces of the greasiest, most delicious fried chicken I’ve ever had, and knee-drove as I ate it. Because I know going to the movies these days costs an arm and a leg, I refuse to buy snacks at the theater, especially after paying the costs of the movie ticket itself. So, I did what I always do- I stopped somewhere and got snacks to sneak into the movies in my purse. Today, I felt like ice cream, so I made a quick stop at the Cold Stone Creamery next door to the movie theater and got my favorite- banana caramel crunch. My mouth is watering just thinking about how good it was. It was a little more of a struggle trying to sneak ice cream into the movies in my purse, but never underestimate a woman on a mission…or a budget. And the movie was hilarious. There were only about twenty people in there, which was fine with me because I got to prop my feet up on the back of the chair in front of me, recline my seat back, and enjoy.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to sneak away from the kids again, but mom’s (whether married or single) do yourselves a favor and take some time out for yourself every now and then. It doesn’t make you a ‘bad mom’ to take a breather from the youngin’s once or twice a month. The house was still in tact once I got back, so this impromptu mom’s day was a success.

#SundaySelfie Enjoying a little #MommyMeTime today

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#MommyMeTime #BadMoms #IGotSnacksInMyPurse

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Relaxing.. #BadMoms #cinemark14 #texarkana #metime

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