When The Asian Wax Lady At The Nail Salon Breaks Your Spirit With A Simple Question

Just when I thought I was half-way cute and still looked good (and young) enough to pull me a man, the Asian lady at the nail salon killed all of my little hopes and dreams. Like, in less than ten seconds, she made me re-think my life and myself as a woman. This one little question that she asked me stuck with me long after I left the nail salon.

So, I finally had a few dollars left out of my paycheck to pamper myself and I chose to get some much-needed, long over-due grooming done to my brows. So, I go to the nail salon in town where they do it all- mani’s, pedi’s, put on lashes, wax brows, read your palm (no joke)…they do it all. So, when my turn comes, she directs me over to the wax chair and I’m giddy with excitement because it’s been about five months since I got my brows waxed and they looked a hot, furry mess. I anticipated the warm wax being rubbed on my skin, the wax strip being ripped off and the slight pain that follows.  As she’s tweezing and shaping my brows, I just feel better before she’s even done. Then she sucker punches my ass in the gut by asking, “Do you want your lip waxed too?” 


I opened one eye so that I could give her a bitch-what-did-you-just-say look. Umm…WTH you tryna say, little Asian lady? Did I ask for my lip to be waxed? No, I did not. Do I look like I need my lip waxed??? Yeah that bish was trying to be funny…she had to be. I have never felt so manly..so hairy in my life. I’m pretty sure I looked in the mirror as I got dressed, washed my face, brushed my teeth and…no upper-lip hair. So, I’m convinced she was trying my entire life as I sat in that chair…trying to sound all innocent and shit. Nothing humbles you and makes you feel more like an ugly duckling than the wax lady asking if you want your non-hairy lip waxed. Now, every time I pass by a mirror, I’m tempted to check and see if I’m rocking a woman-stache.

Like, I get it…I’ve worked in retail and in places where you have to up-sell (offer more than what the customer asks for) I’m sure the little woman was just trying to earn a few extra coins and I respect another woman’s hustle, but ask me if I want some lashes put on since I don’t have any real one’s because I pick them out (it’s a nerve thing). Don’t ask if I want my lip waxed though. I’m accepting that I’m getting old(er). I know I have to work harder to look a little…less like shit in the morning time; but I’m not quite ready to accept hair above the lip…that’s about like finding your first gray hair in your head. That’s like asking a woman how many months pregnant she is…and she’s not pregnant. This shit hurt my damn feelings, forreal. Got me wanting to wax hair that’s not even there. This is what I think about her ass and her offer to wax my lip right about now..old heffa.


I would say I’ll never go to her for service again, but I’ll be right back in her chair when my brows need waxing again. But she better not say shit to me about no damn lip wax.


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