If It Looks, Walks, And Quacks Like A Duck…

I knew my ex-husband’s good-guy act was too good to be true. Even though we’ve been divorced for a little over a year, it’s been pretty amicable…I mean, I don’t still despise him or wish bad (not life-threatening) things to happen to him. He’s still maintained a relationship with my teenage son, which means I’m still around him at times. He’s changed the oil in the car when I needed it, you know, being a nice ex-husband. But if being married to him for nearly nine years taught me anything, it taught me to never let my emotional guard down around him, and for good reason. It took me a long time to get over all the mental, emotional, verbal, and even sexual abuse that I endured while I was married to him. It took me even longer to get over the betrayal of him sleeping around with multiple women and lying to my face about it. I’d like to think that losing his family would make him realize that it’s time for him to grow up and let go of that wannabe playboy image he’s worked hard to maintain. But…no such luck. He’s still the same evil, selfish, manipulative bastard he’s always been, which I found out yesterday.

Sunday evening, my son asked me to text him and ask if he had some money he could borrow because he needed gas and he was broke and he didn’t have minutes on his phone to ask my ex himself. So, I sent the text and he responded that he would be right over to bring him the money. Now, I did wonder why he couldn’t have just had my son come to his house and get the money, but whatever. He came over a few minutes later and gave my son the money and stood around and talked for a few minutes. I never really say much when he comes over, but I was cordial to him. A few minutes after my ex left, he sent me a text message asking me if the Dallas Cowboys happened to make it to the Superbowl and he managed to get tickets, would I go with him. That knee-grow knows I love the Cowboys and who wouldn’t want to go to the Superbowl to see their favorite team play..especially if someone else is buying the ticket. I felt like I was being bribed or like he was trying to pull me back into his dark, drama-filled rabbit hole, but I said, “Sure.” I mean, we’re not friends by any means, but in a way we still co-parent, so, why not was my way of thinking.

So, the next day, which was Monday, I get to work and I’m working, minding my own biz, when my middle sister (who also works with me) came to me with some gossip..which just so happened to include my ex-husband. It seems he’s infatuated with a still very young coworker of mine- who is currently sleeping with my baby brother, whom my ex is still good buddies with.

giphy (7).gif

Like seriously, I don’t give a damn who the man sleeps with, as long as I don’t have to pretend to enjoy sleeping with him ever again. But, to try to sleep with someone that he knows I work with, not only is it trifling, it showed me that he’s still the same male-whore that he’s always been. Surely he has to know that having his current flame and his ex-wife (who he’s still offering to take on trips to the Superbowl) working together might cause some problems. Like, who does that? An immature little man-boy who’s ego is the size of planet earth would, that’s who. And I’m not even mad at my co-worker because she’s just his current flavor of the month. But what does irk me was the fact that he tried to bribe me with football tickets, probably thinking that I’d show him gratitude by hopping into bed with him, and take the little bit of kindness that I’ve managed to show him for granted and once again, make me look like a fool. Not in this lifetime. As much as I would love to see the Dallas Cowboys play should they make it to the Superbowl, I’d rather let Donald Trump grab my pussy than to go across the street with my whoring ex-husband.

Of course, in true man-who-knows-he’s-been-caught fashion, he denied even knowing who my coworker is and told me that I have it all wrong…blah, blah, blah. #BoyBye

giphy (1).gif

I sent him a nice-nasty text, declining the trip to the Superbowl, and as nicely as possible, I suggested that he wrap “it” up…unless he wants to end up in the clinic AGAIN with an STD. Then again, he’d only be getting exactly what he deserves. Toni Braxton sums up my feelings perfectly in her song, I Wish.


…And I hope, I hope,
I hope she gives you a disease
So that you will see
But not enough to make you die
But only make you cry…

His little childish games are seriously going to get someone hurt one of these days, but somehow, I don’t think he cares. Now, I have no desire to be cordial, fake-nice, or anything else towards him. He simply disgusts me and I’m reminded of how happy I am that the marriage is over. Some men don’t grow up until something drastic ends up happening to them…when it’s too late. I hope he runs up on a female who goes Brandy (from the movie A Thin Line Between Love & Hate) on his punk ass ::see movie clip below::

Yessss, Brandy. This is my favorite part of the movie, for obvious reasons. She’s my she-ro. That’ll serve him right for trying to play with women’s emotions. I fell for his good-guy act, again, but if he was a whore the entire time we were married, I don’t know what I expected him to change. A tiger never changes it’s stripes…not without some life-changing even that makes them finally realize it’s time out for the lies, cheating, sleeping around, and playing games. Apparently, my ex still hasn’t learned this. I told him that he’s free to play all the games that he wants…but he’ll never have the chance to play any of them with or on me again. Good riddance.



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