The “Pathetic Ex Husband Chronicles”

Lately, my ex husband has been texting and calling a lot to “check on me” as he says. I have no desire to be besties with him, but I can and am, however, cordial to him. Apparently, he thinks I’m miserable and lonely since we’ve been divorced, but he couldn’t be more wrong. I have enjoyed every bit of my freedom from him, his manipulation, cheating, and lying, and I still am. However, as the saying goes, “You don’t miss your well until the water runs dry.” And clearly, his well is as dry as the Sahara, because lately he has made small attempts to try and weasel his way back into my life- specifically, in between my legs. *Jesus will return before that happens*

It’s him randomly stopping by my place- always using my son as his reason for coming over- yet most times, my son isn’t even there and his car not being parked outside would let him know that. It’s him showing up to my place with my favorite girl scout cookies *insert side-eye* in addition to the texts. Ugh, the texts. They have gone from, “Hey, how are you” to “Hey have you heard this song before?” and there will be a link for me to click. Out of curiosity, I clicked the link one time only to be taken to a sexually explicit song on Youtube, which makes me roll my eyes. Really, dude! Honestly, it’s creepy as hell, seeing as how I’m not the least bit attracted to him, sexually or otherwise. That’s about the same as men sending unsolicited dick picks or licking his tongue at you suggestively…it’s very perverted.


Eww! Like, what would make you think that I would want to think about sex with you when I wasn’t even sexually attracted to you when we were married?

Sadly, he thinks that I wasn’t worthy of being married to, but he’d still like to treat himself to what’s between my thighs any chance he gets. It’s offensive, demeaning, and pathetic as hell, to be honest. It’s like he’s still trying to diminish me down to just a sexual object, not a woman who’s worthy of real love and commitment. Apparently, the women he left me for and thought were so much better have left his ass, so now it’s, “Well, let me see if I can weasel my way back over to old gullible Joyce.” NOT! The old Joyce has left the building…no, she’s left the planet, never to return. The old me didn’t know and value myself or my worth as a woman. I was punishing myself for my past wrongs and mistakes, by staying with a lying, manipulative, emotionally abusive man. The new me has forgiven myself for my mistakes, learned from them, and knows that I am worthy of real love, and I refuse to settle for less anymore.

So, the only thing I have to say to my ex is, you’re wasting your time. Sending random sex  song links may work on some woman, just not this one. Mediocre attempts to stay connected to me won’t  make me miss or want you back in my life. I can be cordial to you, just as I’m cordial to the garbage man…doesn’t mean I want to be with you. I came across a meme that sums up exactly what he’s doing, still trying to manipulate me.


giphy (2).gif



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