The Face Of A Strong Woman

It’s easy for people to act as if our lives are perfect on social media sites, as  many of us tend to broadcast mainly only the positives going on in our lives, while keeping the negative things hidden, giving people the notion that we lead picture perfect lives. Because I usually am one of the people who post funny, positive things on my social media page and try my best to have a happy-go-lucky attitude in life, I think people assume I float through life like Mary Poppins, with not a care in the world.

If only they knew how far from the truth that is. I remember a co-worker once saying I must not have had a hard life or experienced anything bad because I told her I don’t really care to listen to the Blues. “Wait until you start experiencing some things, then you’ll understand that style of music,” she told me. I could only laugh at her assumption that because I don’t care for a certain style of music, that my life is all peaches and cream. “Trust me, I’ve experienced more pain that you’ll ever know,” I told her.

So, I decided to show people the woman behind the mask of sunshine and happiness- the side of me that I let people see on a daily basis, while hiding other aspects of my life from the world by smiling to keep from crying, laughing and joking to keep from breaking down, and trying to uplift myself and others to keep from going into that dark hole of loneliness and depression with a slideshow video.



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