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Are Black Women Being Hustled By Black Male Relationship Coaches?


One day as I was scrolling down my Facebook timeline, I came across a video by Derrick Jaxn, whose messages take aim at Black women, specifically, single Black women. In his videos, he gives women all the warning signs of a cheating, no good man. Now, this brother- who describes himself as a self-love ambassador- is very easy on the eyes, has a smooth, deep voice, and he clearly works out, because his muscles were bulging, which made it easy for me to want to stop and listen to what he was talking about. I clicked on his profile and found that he has several videos in which he warns Black women about f**kboys, cheaters, liars, and just men who are no good in general.


Having just gotten divorced less than 2 years ago, and realizing that I have a better chance of being invited to have dinner with the Trump’s than I have of finding a man worth dating- as I’ve unfortunately run across a f**kboy or 2 myself- it was easy for me to find myself agreeing with all the things Jaxn was saying. His videos are informative and it was refreshing to see an educated brother trying to look out for us women, who can sometimes be naive when we think we’re in love with a man, or who sometimes do just plain stupid things, all in the name of love. For instance, in one of Jaxn’s Instagram posts he’s telling women what makes us wife material.


Click to read the rest of this article on HuffPost Black Voices…


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