A Chance Seduction

chance cover 2

Love is risky business…

After her whole world suddenly comes crashing down around her, Imani Monroe builds a brick wall around her heart, and throws away the key, giving up on the notion of finding love. Opening a sophisticated supperclub is just the distraction she needs to stay away from men, like the charismatic Chance Alexander. Despite the hard outer shell she has around her, the smooth-talking delivery guy ignites the dying flame of passion inside her that she’d forgotten existed.

Chance is a love’em & leave’em type of guy, who thinks the notion of love and monogamy is for suckers; but there’s something about Imani that has his nose wide open. The attraction between them is obvious, but Imani is putting up a good front, pretending not to be interested in having anything more than a business relationship with him. Never one to back down from a challenge, he’s willing to bide his time- until she gives in and lets him rekindle the sexual fire within her.