Masquerade 2: Consequences & Repercussions

Christian had no idea when he met Camille, that she was really his father’s ex-wife, Nina, but after finding out that she’d lied to him about who she was, in addition to finding out that she was cheating on him- ironically, with his father- he snapped. The betrayal from both Nina and Braxton was too much, causing him to shoot his father, nearly killing him.

Fast forward a few years, and Christian has been granted early parole from prison. While on lockdown, he’d shut himself off to everyone on the outside -except his mother- and vowed to never acknowledge or speak to his father, Braxton, again…after all, it was Braxton’s lies and betrayal that set off the spiral of events that landed him in prison anyway. The years in prison have hardened Christian- turning him into a bitter and heartless man- and even though he now has his freedom back, he’s hell bent on getting even with both Braxton and Nina.

After overseeing a violent attack on his father, which left him once again, fighting for his life, he now focuses his attention on Nina. Hiding behind a fake online identity, he stalks her from a distance until he’s ready to exact his, well thought out revenge plot on his former love. Revenge is sweet, indeed…but in this case, it can also be deadly.