Swinging in the New Year

Valerie and Daryl Watson (from My Secret Life: Confessions of a Housewife) overcame the obstacles when she cheated on him with a strip club owner/pimp, who also briefly turned her in an escort. Almost losing the love of her life after she told him the truth, Val vowed to never do anything that would put her marriage in jeopardy after Daryl forgave her.
However, as good as things are between them, one thing remains the same- sex with her husband is extremely boring and predictable.
When a friend invites the couple to attend her New Year’s Eve party swingers party, Val is excited about going, but she knows Daryl is not having it. Will she convince him to try something different for a change, or will this latest wild idea of hers to bring some excitement into their lives, have Daryl packing his bags and leaving for good?