The Divorce Chronicles

divorce chronicles


After nearly ten years of marriage, Simone O’Neal suddenly finds herself unexpectedly divorced and tossed back into the pool of single women, all fighting tooth and nail to nab the few good men that are still available. An almost forty year old divorcée and single mom, she knows the odds are completely stacked against her to find a man who has a legal job, is handsome, isn’t psycho, hasn’t been to jail, and who can put it down in the bedroom.

Although she’s in no hurry to jump back into another marriage any time soon, she does give dating a try. However, moving on with her life may be harder than expected since her ex-husband, Chauncey, continues to hover above her like a dark cloud, throwing all kinds of salt in her game. Is she done with Chauncey for good? Will Chauncey ever get his life and let Simone live hers? Will she ever date again, or has her divorce landed her in a seat on the train to Old Maid Town, indefinitely? Find out in this series about women trying to maintain their sanity after divorce, rather than death, separates them from their husbands.