The Head Mistress

**An E-short**
By day, Ebony Williams runs a very successful soul food restaurant in the Windy City, but after hours, she becomes Head Mistress Ebony, operating a high-end, male members only, secret society brothel in The Basement of the same restaurant.

Ebony is all about getting her coins and not much else, but she does like to indulge herself and get her feet wet, from time to time. She sets her sights on Terrence- one of the newest members to be accepted into her private establishment- and offers to personally fulfill his sexual desires, under one condition- she is to be his ONLY other woman, in or outside of The Basement. Sexually frustrated and staring his fantasy come true in the face, Terrence eagerly accepts Ebony’s offer, and so begins their steamy affair. However, he soon breaks his promise to Ebony, and get’s himself another side-chick.

Once Ebony finds out that Terrence hasn’t kept his word, she vows to make him pay for breaking his promise to her. She knows- all too well- that promises are meant to be broken; but lying to her has much more serious consequences, which Terrence will soon learn…but will he learn a little too late?